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Every Story At Paul's Run Is Unique. What Will Yours Be?

Pastor Julie:  I have been with Paul's Run for just over five years, and enjoy that my role allows me to connect with every resident, staff and family to share in their spiritual journeys. My favorite aspect of working with Lillian is that I am blessed by the wisdom she shares about her faith and life experiences. Paul's Run is special and unique because the people who live, work and serve in the community!

Lillian Silverstein: I have lived at Paul's Run for about six years, and have loved the whole experience! My involvement with our religious services started long before becoming a resident. I used to volunteer to run Friday night services and various other things. Eventually, after coming here so often and building friendships I decided to move in. 

Even though I consider myself retired, I am still very involved with our religious services. I enjoy being able to work with the other residents and assist Rabbi Steven while he is leading the service. I also works closely with Pastor Julie who is just an all-around lovely person.

Erin Samsel, Community Life Director: I have been at Paul's Run for about four years. The residents and the connection I have with them is absolutely my favorite part of the job. In particular, I enjoy the time I spend with Val, she is a smart woman and she shares her life stories and lessons learned. We have a genuine love for each other and I appreciate the advice she always gives me. The residents, staff and families make this place the BEST.

Meghan McGillian, Resident Services Coordinator: I have been at Paul's Run for six years. The interactions with the residents on a day to day basis is my favorite part of the job. It brings me so much joy to help out. I love working with the residents like Tamara because she is just incredible.For example, she helps me welcome all our new residents.

I think Paul's Run's staff makes the community amazing! Not one staff member is ever not smiling or willing to lend a hand to a resident or fellow staff member.

Tamara Marcus: I have lived at Paul's Run for five years now, and I must say, all of the staff is pleasant, helpful, and friendly! One person in particular I enjoy spending time with in Meghan! She is just wonderful. She is always more than willing to help and go above and beyond for the residents. You can tell she cares about what she does. Paul's Run is a special place because of the friendships I have created.

Valerie Lopez: I have been at Paul's Run for about four years now and enjoyed every minute of it! I love to dance, cook, and volunteer among many other things so it is no surprise I clicked with the community life director right away. Erin is so inviting and uplifting. She keeps us all so busy and our minds sharp! There is always something to do here. In fact, there are always so many activities I do not know what to choose! At the moment, I am actively involved in our Community Service Club and recently participated in the Homer's Heroes project where hand sewed stuffed animals and wrapped them up with poems written by one of our residents, Arnie. They were then delivered to the children at Abington Hospital.

Eric Bleiweis, Sales Director and Marketing Manager: I have been with Liberty Lutheran for a total of seven years, but have worked at Paul's Run for three. I most enjoy meeting and developing long rewarding relationships with families and residents like Oscar and his wife, Roslyn. Oscar has shared many of his life experiences with me, from owning his own candy store, to living next to Harry Belafonte. Paul's Run is so special because we care about each one of our residents and we get to know them and their family and friends. We truly are neighbors!

Arnie Escort and Oscar Freezeman: Arnie moved in to Paul's Run about five months ago and it only took him a short amount of time to get involved in the community. He used to be a teacher, and that love of teaching and serving others has extended to his time at Paul's Run by helping others. He also writes poetry, he is an antique collector, and a recently retired business owner!

Oscar is also a retired business owner himself. He owned a candy store where his wife, Roslyn, was the taste tester! Oscar and Arnie are both currently members of the Men's Club. Not only do they enjoy being involved in various clubs and activities, but they both like to share laughs and stories with Eric! Oscar states, "I know I can always stop by Eric's office for a good conversation or a good laugh! He is hardworking, always willing to have a conversation, and he takes his time with you. On a scale of one to fifteen, I'd give him a fifteen!"

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