Covid-19 FAQs

We know that you may have questions during these extraordinary times. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to provide more information during this time.

We will update this information regularly as the situation changes, and please do not hesitate to call us with questions.

Please click here for frequently asked questions pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Q: Should I take my personal care or skilled nursing family member home?

    Personal care, skilled nursing, and assisted living residents receive additional services. While at home within our community they are able to receive the around the clock care they need at all times, which may be difficult for family members to provide during these stressful times.

  • Q: Does Paul’s Run have any positive residents?

    At this time, Paul's Run has had positive resident cases. We are prepared and have taken the steps to keep our residents safe throughout the community. It is important to note that we have taken these steps prior to requirements from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), The Department of Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • Q: Does Paul’s Run have staff members that have tested positive for COVID 19?

    At this time Paul's Run has had positive cases among its staff. We are prepared and are adhering to the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for all staff members who have tested positive no matter their role.

  • Q: What are the guidelines for healthcare workers to return to work after testing positive?

    An employee who tests positive will remain at home for minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms with at least 24 hours fever free without fever reducing meds and symptom improvement. If asymptomatic Employee to remain home for 10 days from test.

  • Q: Was my loved one exposed to a positive staff member?

    At this time, we are treating all residents in Healthcare and Personal Care staff as if exposure has occurred. We are monitoring residents every day for Temperature/Pulse Ox/assessment of respiratory issues. Staff are also monitored twice per day and asked to self-monitor when home.  Staff have been wearing masks and gloves since 3/28/20.

    Our staff in Independent living is also keeping a close eye on the residents for any concerns.

  • Q:  When will visitors be allowed back in Paul’s Run?

    Independent Living

    Independent living residents may have visitors in their apartments, as well as outside the community.

    • The number of visitors has increased to 4 visitors at this time.  Please be mindful that for smaller apartments 4 visitors might be too many to allow for social distancing.
    • All visiting family members are asked to enter at the front door for screening and temperature taking.  (Please do not enter or exit through a patio door).
    • Please remember to wear your mask the entire visit and practice social distancing.  (Hugs and kisses still have to wait a little while longer)
    • Inside visits are currently limited to the resident’s apartment only. (Our common areas and the Beauty Salon, Medical Office, General Store, Liberty Grille, etc. are still for residents only at this time)
    • All visitors are asked to get a final temperature check and check out at the front desk before exiting at the front door.  

    Per an order from the Pennsylvania Department of Health regarding travel, effective November 20, 2020 only Pennsylvania residents can visit Paul's Run unless the visitor can produce a negative test result 72 hours prior to their return to Pennsylvania or at least 72 hours prior to visiting our community. The alternate option is for the person to have been in quarantine for 14 days upon returning to Pennsylvania.

    At the time a visitor enters our community, during the screening process they will be asked to produce evidence of a negative test in the appropriate timeframe if they traveled outside of Pennsylvania in the 14 days prior to their visit. 

    Information obtained directly from the PA Department of Health website regarding travel is included below. For additional information, you can visit the website at:

    Personal Care

    The health and well-being of our residents is our highest priority. Paul's Run has received 3-step re-opening guidance from the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services. At this time, we are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to temporarily suspend visitation, with the exception of compassionate caregivers, until we are able to reach the next step of re-opening.

    We will also continue with  Zoom calls. Plans for window visits will be forthcoming. To schedule a zoom call please reach out to us at 215-934-3023.

    If you have questions please contact Dana Guyton at [email protected]

    Skilled Nursing

    We are currently distributing the COVID-19 vaccine and have suspended visitation until complete. Our second distribution date is scheduled for January 26, 2021. We hope to reopen to visitors after this date.

    We also will continue compassionate care visitation, as well as Zoom calls. Plans for window visits will be forthcoming.

    To schedule a zoom call please reach out to us at 215-934-3023.

    If you have further questions please contact Dolores Redner at [email protected]

  • Q: Can I visit my family member as a Compassionate Caregiver?

    The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Department of Human Services have released guidance that includes information on Compassionate Caregiver visitation.  Here is some important information for you that is included in the guidance:

    Compassionate Care visitation is allowed in limited situations per CMS FAQs on Nursing Home Visitation. Care can be provided by Compassionate Caregivers if there are two or more documented “significant changes” in a resident’s condition. A significant change is defined in 42 CFR & 483.20(b)(2)(ii) as: A major decline or improvement in a resident’s status that: 1) will not normally resolve itself without intervention by staff or by implementing standard disease-related clinical interventions; the decline is considered “self-limiting…”, 2) impacts more than one area of the resident’s health status; and 3) requires interdisciplinary review and/or revision of the care plan.

    Paul’s Run will contact the family of residents who may qualify to receive Compassionate Caregiver visitation to discuss options. If you feel that your family member living at Paul’s Run qualifies to receive Compassionate Caregiver visitation and would like to designate a Compassionate Caregiver for a skilled nursing resident please contact Dolores Redner at [email protected], and for personal care residents please contact Dana Guyton at [email protected]. Our clinical team will determine if Compassionate Caregiver visitation is appropriate based on the guidelines we have received.

    Please be aware that the CMS FAQs state that they do not believe these visits should be routine and they should be allowed on a limited basis as an exception to restricting visitation.

    We ask that you carefully consider your request as we all continue to partner in keeping COVID outbreaks controlled in our communities. Please remember that it only takes one positive case in a staff person or a resident to send us back to pre-opening plans that will limit dining, activities and visitation for all.

  • Q: Do I Need to be tested for COVID-19 before I visit a resident?

    Yes. We require all visitors to be tested prior to their visit.  Test results are currently good for one month. Testing requirements are based on county positivity rates, if rates increase and testing is required more frequently a notice will be sent out.

    At this, time due to the high positivity rate in Philadelphia greater than 10%, we require weekly tests for compassionate caregivers. Test results are good for one week.

  • Q: What confirmation do you need for negative test result?

    A copy of the test result.

  • Q: Can I bring a package to my loved one?

    Yes, it can be left with security at the main entrance—we are discouraging cooked foods/ perishable items, especially in our licensed areas. When bringing a package, please write the resident's name and room number on your bag

  • Q: How is Paul’s Run’s staffing?

    Paul’s Run’s staffing remains strong.

  • Q: What plans have been implemented to engage residents during this time?

    Some things we are doing at Paul’s Run for the residents are:

    • Providing continual communication with residents, families and staff
    • Posting weekly inspirational signage throughout the building
    • Helping residents to see family via FaceTime and Zoom
    • Providing a listing of websites such as virtual tours of art museums, exercise videos, lessons on learning a new trade, university lectures, etc.
    • Weekly Brain Busters keeping the minds sharp
    • Adapting group activities to individual programs
      • Happy Hour beverages and snacks are now on traveling carts, bringing cheer door to door
      • Group crafts are now individual craft kits to do on your own
      • Group trivia and game show fun are now daily activity sheets consisting of crosswords, trivia, Sudoku, etc.
    • Working with families to acknowledge resident birthdays and celebrations from a distance.
  • Q: If my loved one becomes ill—are you still sending residents to the hospital?

    Although it is always our goal is to treat in place, if hospitalization is absolutely necessary we will transfer a resident.  

  • Q: Is Paul’s Run still allowing admissions?

    Paul's Run  is accepting new admissions for residents. New residents must test negative for COVID-19 prior to moving. The safety of our residents is among our highest priorities and a second test is administered on the move-in day. We are asking new residents to quarantine within their apartment home until the results of the second results are received. After receiving a negative test result the new resident may join community activities and dining.

  • Q: Will you be testing all residents and staff?

    On a daily basis we will continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).

    Based on the mandate from the Pennsylvania Department of Health that went into effect on June 9th we are testing all skilled nursing residents and staff. We are also following the mandate, which was announced on June 26th, to test all personal care residents and staff.

  • Q: Are you doing antibody testing?

    We are not doing antibody testing. There are many studies being conducted and to date there have been no reliable results for antibody testing. We will continue to follow CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines for testing.

  • Q: Can residents travel and what happens when they return?

    Independent living residents can travel. We recommend that they continue to wear masks, social distance, and follow health guidance while they are away.

    In our continued efforts to keep everyone safe, we are abiding by the recommendations set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and asking residents to quarantine with their apartment for 14 days upon their return from states that have been significantly affected by COVID-19.

    Pennsylvanians visiting other states are required to have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to their return to the commonwealth, or to quarantine for 14 days upon return to Pennsylvania. This does NOT apply to people who commute to and from another state for work or medical treatment. 

  • Q: What is the personal care reopening plan for Paul's Run?

  • Q: What is the guidance for skilled nursing at Paul's Run?

  • Q: Where can I find information on the COVID-19 vaccine?