Marketing Coordinator at Paul's Run Shares 15 Years Connecting with Residents and Families

June 22, 2021

Marketing Coordinator at Paul’s Run, Linda Amandeo, finds great reward in helping residents discover the fulfillment and fun of living in this beautiful community. Beginning her professional journey with Paul’s Run 15 years ago, Linda says that residents and team members are like her second family.

In fact, it was Linda’s real family who inspired her career in working with adults in their later years. “My mom used to work in retirement communities,” Linda says. “She would bring me to work with her and I really loved spending time with the residents who lived there. I knew that this is where my heart belonged especially for my career,” she reflects.

Beginning her work in the Paul’s Run dining room when she was just 16 years old, Linda has enjoyed developing relationships with residents and team members. Throughout the years, Linda has taken on a variety of positions like Community Life Associate, Household Coordinator, and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She says her diverse professional background has perfectly prepared her for her current role as Marketing Coordinator.

Ensuring Smooth Transitions and Fulfilling Experiences

As Linda helps residents discover all that this community has to offer, a large part of her role is helping new residents enjoy a smooth transition upon first moving in.  

I enjoy helping residents transition into their new homes. Seeing the smiles on their faces after moving in is so rewarding. Building relationships with each of them and learning all about their lives and their families is like having them become a part of my family.

Linda Amandeo, Marketing Coordinator at Paul’s Run

Whether she is arranging for movers to pack and unpack residents’ belongings, or providing informative tours to ensure residents feel welcomed in their new home, what Linda enjoys most about her work is developing relationships with residents and families. “I have very close connections with our residents and families. I want them to feel comfortable and to know that I’m here to support them with whatever they may need. Making those connections is so important in giving them the best living experience possible,” she affirms.

Providing an outstanding living experience, Linda sees first-hand how moving to Paul’s Run can benefit residents’ overall well-being. “It’s really rewarding to see residents become social butterflies after moving in. While living here, they get to participate in different events and activities every day, and meet new people. I’ve had many residents tell me how happy they are here. One resident told me she feels like she’s back at summer camp,” Linda laughs.

As residents experience fun and fulfillment throughout Paul’s Run, the community’s compassionate team members ensure the highest quality of care and service. “So many of our team members have been working at Paul’s Run for decades. That longevity is really important in building trust with our residents. They know that the people who work here truly care for them,” Linda says. “At Paul’s Run, team members and residents are like family,” she adds.

The people who work at Paul’s Run do their jobs from the heart. They do their jobs because they love to take care of the residents who live here. It’s just beautiful.

Oscar F., resident at Paul’s Run

With a caring friend, neighbor, and team member around every corner, residents and families feel great comfort in knowing that at Paul’s Run life is fun, carefree and beautiful.