Selma Finds Community of Friends After Downsizing and Relocating

July 21, 2022

Selma is a colorful resident at Paul’s Run Retirement Community. She moved there last year, after living alone in an apartment in northeast Philadelphia for several years prior. Six years ago, Selma started looking around at senior communities, but she says, “I really wasn’t ready to move at that point.”

During the ensuing years, however, Selma realized that she didn’t feel as safe and secure in her apartment as she once had. “I had friends and relatives come and stay over for a night here and there, or they would come to drive me to doctors’ appointments, or to go shopping, but I didn’t want to have to rely on family, friends and neighbors to keep me company or to take me to appointments in the future.”

Friendly and Welcoming Community

Then, about two years ago, she visited Paul’s Run, and according to Selma, “I found people I connected with immediately and felt at home. I wanted to be in a community that had a significant Jewish population so that I could make new friends with whom to share my culture and faith.” She elaborates by saying, “As I was walking from my car to the front door, during that visit two years ago, I ran into someone I knew, which immediately made me feel comfortable with this community.”

Bob the Mover Helps Make the Move Easy

Selma’s move was made easier by a local professional mover, Bob the Mover, a partner with Paul’s Run, who helped her with the transition of her life and belongings. Bob is a much beloved, local mover in Northeast Philadelphia, who has helped many seniors downsize and relocate to Paul’s Run. “He even helped me hang my mirror and he hung an antique cabinet on the wall,” according to Selma.

Selma appreciates good customer service because she worked for years in customer focused businesses. Selma’s late husband, “Chip”, found and collected antiques like the antique cabinet that Bob installed in her apartment.” It brings back a lot of nice memories to look at it every day, and remember all the things we used to collect,” explains Selma.

There’s So Much to Do at Paul’s Run

Years before, Selma sold many antiques and collectibles at Rice’s Market in New Hope, PA. She had honed her skills early on in her career when she worked for Roman’s, a lady’s dress shop in Philadelphia, after her first husband passed away. “I had young children at the time, and needed to work,” she asserts. After selling dresses for years, she had her own business selling handbags, and Selma adds, “Some of my clients still call me, and even though they have closets full of purses, they still want me to come for a visit and bring them a new bag.”

“Now, when they call, I tell them that I don’t do that anymore, because I am busy in my life here. There is so much to do with all of the clubs and activities, and I have met so many nice people. It has been a good move because it’s so safe and secure here. It’s much nicer than living alone in my old apartment.”