Meet the Team! Paul’s Run Director of Health Services Shares Her Journey with Compassionate Care

MARCH 25, 2021

All photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic and reflect life within our communities. Dolores (left) with her colleagues at Paul’s Run.

Director of Health Services at Paul’s Run, Dolores Redner, finds great reward in helping residents achieve fulfilling retirements throughout their later years. With over 30 years of healthcare experience in retirement living, Dolores’s dedication to providing compassionate care continues to grow. “I’ve worked with older adults for so many years. I really just want to make their lives rewarding and help them feel good each day. I want them to be as happy as they can be at this time in their life,” she reflects.

Dolores began her journey with Paul’s Run as Director of Health Services in October of 2013. “My first impression of the community was how welcoming the people are. The residents, my team members, everyone is so friendly,” she says. Dolores is originally from Northeast Philadelphia and was thrilled to begin working at Paul’s Run. “I grew up here so I’m very familiar with the area and know a lot of people who live here. When I began working at Paul’s Run it was kind of like coming home for me,” she reminisces.

Uplifting Health and Overall Well-Being

As Director of Health Services, Dolores ensures the overall well-being and health of residents across all levels of care. She manages and oversees operations of the community’s in-house medical office including a comprehensive wellness program for residents as well as an interdisciplinary team consisting of rehabilitation, social work, nursing, pharmacy, medical records, and physicians.

Wearing many hats, Dolores says what she enjoys most about her role is developing connections with the people who call this community home.

I enjoy building relationships. Whether it’s with residents and their families, or the collaboration with my team members across departments. We’re all friends here. Paul’s Run is like one big family and when you come here you can feel that family setting.

Director of Health Services at Paul’s Run, Dolores Redner

As Dolores ensures the highest quality of care for residents throughout Paul’s Run, she feels great reward in the little moments that make a big difference in residents’ lives. “Sometimes I find the smallest things to be most rewarding. Something as simple as making sure a resident can get their hair done at the beauty parlor, or have their nails painted, or even just getting them their favorite dessert, those little things have the ability to make residents happy and that’s important to me,” she reflects.

On-Site Comprehensive Medical Services

As the Paul’s Run team continues to go above and beyond to bring happiness and health to residents, the community’s plentiful amenities are just one more thing that sets Paul’s Run apart.  

One of the greatest benefits for residents is that they don’t have to leave Paul’s Run to have access to the highest quality of healthcare services. We have dermatology, cardiology, podiatry, EKG tests, bladder scans, and more. We can meet all sorts of medical needs for our residents within the community that they would otherwise have to find somewhere else. 

Director of Health Services, Dolores Redner

“We have an outstanding Medical Director and medical office with nurse practitioners. To be able to have those professionals available for residents whenever they need them is amazing,” Dolores adds. Describing the multitude of medical services available on-site, Dolores also commends the community’s beautiful furnishings and outdoor surroundings.

“In addition to having outstanding healthcare services, we have a beautiful community here. It’s so pretty inside and out. The residents can take walks outside and lounge on our newly renovated patio, which they love. It’s just a wonderful place to live,” she affirms. It certainly is. As residents enjoy the comfort of compassionate care, they experience the joy of fulfilled retired living at Paul’s Run.

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