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The Comfort of Knowing Someone Will Always Be There: Friends, Families, and Neighbors of Paul’s Run

For Eileen Hair and her mother, Margaret, it was more than the luck of the Irish that helped them find the perfect retirement community for their family. It was the comfort of knowing that at Paul’s Run, Margaret would be happily surrounded by compassionate care from the friends, families, and neighbors of this community.

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Margie Newman has lived at Paul’s Run for over ten years, and although she waited long after retirement to record her very own song, her passion for music has been with her since childhood. “I’ve always had a love for music and songs. All my life, if I was ever been in a blue mood, I’d put a record on, and all of the sudden I’d feel so much better,” she says.

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Carole, Elizabeth, and Sylvia, three active sisters who always manage to keep themselves busy, have been close since they were children. Now living on the same floor at Paul’s Run, just a few doors down the hall from one another, the three sisters find it incredibly easy to not only maintain their close-knit relationship, but to create meaningful connections with other friends, families, and neighbors throughout the entire community.

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Thanking Those Who Serve Our Community

To show their gratitude, Paul’s Run recently hosted a seasonal BBQ for local emergency responders who have made great sacrifices to protect their community. As firefighters and police officers help themselves to delicious cook-out food, they sit beside Paul’s Run residents who thank them for their service.

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A Daughter’s Important Decision for her Parents: Choosing Paul’s Run Retirement Community

Parents provide their children with care and guidance that secures their future and fills their lives with purpose and joy. As time passes, and monumental moments become cherished memories, the roles between parent and child often change. For adult children, these changes can become incredibly difficult to navigate as the parents who once provided them with care, need help for themselves in return.

When Wendy Keller, daughter of Beverly and Stan Friedman, suggested her parents move to the vibrant retirement community at Paul’s Run, a daughter’s caring suggestion became the decision that gave her parents a world of new friendships, activities, and joy.

A retirement community filled with family history, Paul’s Run has been home to not just one generation of Wendy and Beverly’s family, but two.

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What Gift is Greater Than Hope? Paul’s Run Residents Make Gift Bags for Children at Abington Hospital

This project is part of an ongoing community service effort known throughout the Paul’s Run community as “Homer’s Heroes.” Named after Paul’s Run’s beloved companion dog, Homer, this group dedicates themselves to leading philanthropic efforts that bring hope to others. Only in their first year since being founded, Homer’s Heroes has certainly lived up to their name, and continues to be a rewarding way for residents to give back.

I hope the gift bags bring the children happiness. The stuffed animals will be a friend for them to cuddle. -Val Lopez, resident at Paul’s Run

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