The Luck of the Irish: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey to Finding Paul’s Run

JANUARY 28, 2021

For Eileen Hair and her mother, Margaret, it was more than the luck of the Irish that helped them find the perfect retirement community for their family. It was the comfort of knowing that at Paul’s Run, Margaret would be happily surrounded by compassionate care from the friends, families, and neighbors of this community.

Margaret and Eileen, are very proud of their Irish roots. “We’re a typical Irish family,” Eileen says adding that both of her grandparents were born in Southern Ireland. While the family’s roots are based in Ireland, Margaret was born in Philadelphia, which is also where she raised her three children. “I’m the oldest,” Eileen clarifies. “Then there’s my sister and my younger brother,” she says completing the family tree. 

Prior to moving to Paul’s Run, Margaret had a house in the Normandy region of Northeast Philadelphia, where she lived for over 50 years. Margaret raised her three children in this house with her first husband, who sadly passed away when her children were still young. Many years later, Margaret felt lucky to have found love again with her second husband, Bob, who she was married to for nearly 20 years.

As their love grew and years passed, Margaret and Bob approached their later years of retirement. Having a close relationship with her parents throughout her entire life, Eileen quit her job working for an insurance broker and assumed the role of caregiver for Bob and her mother. “Bob passed away in 2018,” Eileen explains, “and my mother was left alone,” she says saddened. As Eileen continued to take care of her mom, it became apparent that Margaret’s mental well-being was suffering from living in her house alone.

“That was my main concern. I didn’t want my mom to feel alone,” Eileen shares, explaining her family’s motivation to begin looking for senior living communities.  

“My family had known about Paul’s Run for some time, and a few of my friends had parents who lived in the community. Paul’s Run has a very good reputation,” Eileen says confidently.

Eileen and her brother took their Mom to Paul’s Run for her first tour of the community in the fall of 2019.

Prior to moving to Paul’s Run, Eileen says her mother would call her eight to ten times each day in the middle of the night. “Now, she’s at Paul’s Run and she’s a social butterfly. I have to call and make sure she’s even available before I go over and visit because she is so busy. She just loves it. I knew that with other people always around her, it would help her mentally. And it did,” Eileen explains.

“The greatest benefit for my mom since moving to Paul’s Run has been that she isn’t by herself. She’s made so many friends and she has her own place and feels very independent.”

Experience the comfort in knowing that at Paul’s Run, friends, families, and neighbors are just around the corner and discover the joy of living in this community.

Moving to Paul’s Run: An Easy Transition

Margaret moved to her independent living apartment at Paul’s Run in October of 2019 and soon after, Eileen put her mother’s house up for sale. “The Paul’s Run team of staff made moving extremely easy. We couldn’t have done it without their help,” she says. “They also made the transition really easy for my mom.”

Living in the community now for nearly six months, Margaret says she’s thrilled to call Paul’s Run home.

I love everything about Paul’s Run. It’s wonderful. My apartment is wonderful and the people that I’ve met here are wonderful. It’s such a nice place to be. We couldn’t have picked a better place to live.

Margaret, resident at Paul’s Run

One of her favorite things about living in the community is having everything she needs under one roof. As she enjoys a wide variety of activities on a daily basis, like movies in the auditorium, engaging exercise classes, and attending church Mass in the community’s auditorium, Margaret greatly appreciates the community’s event calendar. “It tells me all of the activities and exactly when and where they are. There’s so much to do!” she says happily.

In addition to the many activities and events, Margaret especially enjoys the food served in the dining room and the Paul’s Run Bistro. “I think Mom enjoys the food a little too much,” Eileen laughs. “She says she works off her dinner when she walks back to her apartment.”

“You can’t beat the food here. It’s delicious,” Margaret adds. Apparently, it’s not just the food that Margaret loves, it’s the social interaction she gets when dining with friends. “I eat with two lovely ladies. One of them is a former Mummer!” Margaret says with Philly pride.

Margaret also enjoys not having to leave Paul’s Run for doctor’s appointments as she regularly visits Dr. Pitch and utilizes the community’s in-house medical office.

As Margaret continues to enjoy the many amenities of living at Paul’s Run, she is filled with happiness to be surrounded by the friends, families, and neighbors of this community. For Eileen, knowing her mother is safe and not alone brings her great comfort and relief.

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