Friends, Families, and Neighbors of the Past: Paul’s Run Resident and Marketing Coordinator Reminisce on Years of Friendship

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

Resident at Paul’s Run, Charlie, has lived in the Philadelphia region for all of his life. Moving to this beautiful retirement community just over three weeks ago, Charlie has enjoyed meeting the friends, families, and neighbors of Paul’s Run. One neighbor in particular, Linda, has been a friend for many years.

Linda Amandeo is the marketing coordinator at Paul’s Run and has known Charlie since childhood. Living just four houses down the street from one another in a local neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia, Charlie and Linda were neighbors for over ten years. Now, the two find themselves just around the corner from each other once again as Linda helps Charlie and residents of Paul’s Run discover all that this community has to offer.

 “Charlie has known me since I was ten years old,” says Linda smiling. “I used to pass by his house on my walk to the school bus every day,” she laughs. As neighbors, Charlie enjoyed getting to know Linda’s entire family. “Linda comes from a good family. Her mother was a gem, just a good person. She was always looking after me,” Charlie recalls. In fact, Linda’s late mother is the person who inspired her to pursue a career in the retirement living industry.

“My mom also worked in a retirement living community. She used to bring me to work with her and I really loved spending time with the older adults who lived there. That’s how I first became interested in working in this industry,” says Linda. Beginning her work in the Paul’s Run dining room when she was just 16 years old, Linda has enjoyed developing relationships with residents and staff throughout the community ever since.

Generations of compassionate care

“When I worked in the dining room here as a teenager, I’d see Charlie walk by in the hall,” says Linda. “Charlie’s mom used to live at Paul’s Run several years ago,” she explains. Charlie would visit his mother in the community almost every day, and has known Paul’s Run for over 20 years. “My mom was always well taken care of here by staff,” Charlie affirms. “The staff here are just number one. They’re the best.”

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As Charlie attests to the compassionate care provided for residents at Paul’s Run, Linda knows her team’s commitment and dedication to residents very well. Working in the community since 2006, Linda has taken on a variety of positions like Community Life Associate, as well as a Household Coordinator and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Now proud to be in her current role as Marketing Coordinator, Linda provides support to residents throughout the community and ensures them the best living experience possible. From making sure their days run smoothly, to assisting new residents upon moving in, Linda says that as long as residents are smiling, she’s doing her job well.

Certainly doing her job well, as Linda helped Charlie make a smooth transition moving to Paul’s Run in late August, the two have enjoyed getting to see each other on a daily basis once again. “It’s nice getting to see Linda every day. She’s here for me when I need her,” Charlie reflects.

As Charlie becomes more familiar with the community, his family feels comfort in knowing that at Paul’s Run there’s always friends and neighbors just around the corner. “I lived alone in my house for almost ten years,” Charlie reflects. “My two daughters are very happy that I’m here. They know I’m safe and that I’m being taken care of,” Charlie says. “The word on the street is that there’s no better place than Paul’s Run. That’s right,” he confirms.

In addition to enjoying the outstanding care from staff and developing new relationships, Charlie is thrilled with the community’s food. “The meals here and the way they deliver them are outstanding. The food is just fantastic. They make it the way you want,” Charlie says.

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Enjoying delicious meals and developing new relationships, Charlie looks forward to exploring more of this community, including their courtyard gardens. “I love gardening and flowers. I’d like to see what I can do out there,” he says excitedly. In addition to gardening, the community has a variety of activities for residents to enjoy.

Through COVID-19, the Paul’s Run team of staff has gone above and beyond to maintain resident engagement in new and creative ways that keep the community safe. With socially distanced exercise classes, Wii bowling competitions, outdoor musical entertainment and more, the community’s commitment to providing the best living experience possible while following the proper safety guidelines remains strong. Looking forward to the future and all of the activities involved, Charlie feels comfort in knowing that at Paul’s Run there are always friends, families, and neighbors nearby.

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